25C-NBOMe and 4-FA sold as ‘2C-B’

Drug sold as: 2C-B

Reason for concern: Contains 25C-NBOMe and 4-FA

A white powder sold as ‘2C-B’ contains two synthetic drugs with a high risk of toxic effects.

Two pills with a white or off-white powder that looks to be ‘clumped’ and is in a clear gel capsule.

25C-NBOMe and 4-FA are synthetic drugs with psychedelic + stimulant properties

25C-NBOMe is a highly potent synthetic drug. People who have intentionally used this substance report it has unpredictable, stimulating psychedelic effects. The substance has been associated with a substantial number of hospitalisations and deaths worldwide. Common adverse effects include agitation, aggression, confusion, dangerously high body temperature and seizures.

4-Fluoroamphetamine (4-FA) is an amphetamine-type stimulant with both stimulating and ‘entactogenic’ properties. This means it increases sociability and empathy, but also elevates heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.

Be extremely cautious of any white or off-white powder sold as ‘2C-B’ or a psychedelic – it may contain 25C-NBOME and 4-FA

This product was recently detected in the ACT and is understood to be circulating in Victoria. It presents as a white or off-white powder that may be ‘clumped’ and may come in a clear gel capsule.

Compared to ‘2C-B’, 25C-NBOMe and 4-FA are significantly more likely to produce adverse effects such as confusion, agitation, unease or distress, and unpleasant hallucinations.

25C-NBOMe and 4-FA is a very hazardous combination which caused five deaths in Victoria between 2016 and 2017 among people who thought they were using MDMA. The presence of these two substances in a single product increases the risk of serious adverse effects. There is a greater risk of adverse effects and harm when 25C-NBOMe is consumed via nasal insufflation (snorting), injection or sublingually (under the tongue).

Reduce the risk of harm

If you experience adverse drug effects, or are present when someone has an unexpected reaction, seek help immediately by calling Triple Zero (000).

All alcohol and other drug use comes with risks, so:

  • Be aware that other false or contaminated drug products may circulate in Victoria, even if no specific warning has been issued about them.
  • Make sure you’re in a safe environment with people you trust.
  • Remember, even ‘pure’ drugs can produce serious side effects and death, and can interact dangerously with medications/pharmaceutical drugs. Get the facts on the Alcohol and Drug Foundation website. Some common mental health medications – such as SSRIs, SNRIs and TCAs – may increase the risk of toxicity from stimulants. Always seek information about your medications before mixing with other substances.
  • Contact Harm Reduction Victoria’s DanceWize team for anonymous support and education from peers. Talk to DanceWize volunteers by email at

If you or someone you know needs help with alcohol or drug use, call DirectLine on 1800 888 236 or visit DirectLine for information and support to access treatment.